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Please watch the Shoplift in action on YouTube
  Increasing Productivity, Safety &
Versatility to Your Shop, Warehouse
or Manufacturing Facility!
Finally!!! The solution to your machine loading problems! Take into consideration the Cost Reductions, Injury Prevention Control; Ergonomically Lift It; Safely Move It; Gently & Precisely place It… The benefits to owning a ShopLift™ in your facility would do all of this and more. The ShopLift™ is versatile and fits where most forklifts sitting or standing usually do not. It eliminates using hand trucks only to move the material to where you need it, but then having to use the physical strength of your employees to maneuver heavy materials in excess of 200 lbs, into a machine, with out damage or nicking of the material or the machine, not to mention the employee!
  The ShopLift™ Specifications:  
Forks tilt 15 degrees up & down
Manufacturer’s Maximum Weight Capacity of Basic Unit at Center of Forks: 600 lbs. standard.
Cable Lift Range of Forks: From floor to 51”. Fork Length: 18” net - 9” load center
Fork Width Adjustment: 8” inside to 18” outside.
Net Floor Space Size of Unit (Foot Print*)
Forks Lowered: 28” wide, 61” long;
Forks at bench height: 28” wide, 67” long
Wheel locks for precision turns and stability Turning Circle.
Upper carriage slides forward on rails
Full insertion: Reach-In Capacity: 28” forward extension
Counter-balance and foot-engaged floor lock.
8” Mold-on polyurethane or cast steel casters. Wheel Center: 54.5” Total: 61.5”
Detachable remote control system
Battery Type: Heavy-duty deep cycle with automatic on-board charger
Hydraulic Pump Type: 12-volt electric powered
Infinitely adjustable raise/lower speed
SPX (Fenner) hydraulic unit
Net Height: 72”
  Safety Handling Tips  
Keep hands and feet clear of rolling casters at all times. Failure to do so could consequently cause a crushing injury
Make sure that you have clearance when operating around machinery or palletized products or other people
Secure safety locks (toggles) so unit does not move or roll during maneuver of weighted items.
Secure wheel locks when maneuvering the work piece into position.
Keep The ShopLift on level ground for maximum operation capabilities.
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